Cultural Sayings

Because wisdom and insight transcend national borders, and sometimes others just say exactly what you mean.

  • “5 dollars is only a hair off a bull’s back to a company” – China
  • “In war, the soldier who moves back 50 steps has no right to laugh at the one who moves back 100 steps.” – China
  • “Do not think any vice is trivial; and so practice it. Do not think any virtue trivial; and so neglect it.” – China
  • “Many a Little Makes a Mickle” (Meaning many littles makes a lot) – China
  • “Do not do evil things, though they may be insignificant. Do not give up good things though they may be minor matters.” – China
  • “A pot of milk is ruined by a drop of poison.” – China
  • “Humans don’t bite dogs.” (Don’t argue with idiots) – China
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