Engrish Humor

Updated Randomly 🙂


Hah!  Sometimes my favorite part about traveling abroad is the problems of Engrish . . . it’s amazing just how bad things can get when a language gets screwed up.  

I attended a concert the other night, and got a kick out of watching the backstage manager walking around.  His shirt officially, in big bold letters said “Rock F*ck.” ????  Okay, I get trying to be gangsta, but just no.

Saw a girl walking down the street yesterday with a bag that read ACNE Studio.  Apparently there is actually a backpack advertising the ACNE photography studio.  

Ran into a girl today and asked her for directions.  She ever so kindly told me to walk “up the stairs and turn wrong.”  Best part of it was that “right” WAS actually the “wrong” direction.  I blame her for leading me astray off the straight and narrow.

A shirt ran past me a few days ago with the lovely statement “Too young to eat, let’s retire!” ???

New Shirt = “Naw Yerk and Pares – Die Us All!” with a giant fist. ? ? ? ?

The local cafe was offering everyone Blueberry Muffins – “just like in America”! Unfortunately, the muffin looked more square and came with syrup. In fact, it looked precisely like a Waffle. Masquerading as a Blueberry Muffin.

Students keep asking me “Where you name is?” = “Where are you from” . . . 0_o


Yes, the dash of humor that comes when you want to die laughing but can’t for fear of embarrassing them. I can only imagine the mistakes I make in return 🙂




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