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The Rebellion of Lawrence

22 Feb

Ladies and Gentlemen, I regret to inform you all that Lawrence the Laptop has decided to go on walkabout. Yes, he is laying down on the job, taking an unapproved leave of absence in his duties.  This afternoon, as I was researching for the major 3 day exam starting Monday,  Lawrence staged a protest and refused to read his hard drive. That’s right, he quit on me!  The nerve! The scum!  

Naturally, the earliest he can be fixed is after my exam, and I’m going to lose everything.  So I want you to join me today in the snubbing of my old friend.  I refuse to even look at him right now.  Forcing me to resort to poor Dollie the Dell, tired in her old age and maintaining a battery of O seconds (take the plug out of her and she drops dead).  Making me bring the dear out of retirement. I am seriously displeased.  

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