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Academic Tools Law Students Should Know: Class Outlines

24 Aug

The others in this series are (in order): (If the links don’t work yet give it a couple days,I’m posting one a day for a week.)

Law School is starting, has started, or will start for all those newbie 1Ls who are arriving on the scene. On behalf of all of your seniors, I offer you welcome. To HELL. Okay, so I promise it won’t be like that forever, but the first few weeks are probably going to seem like you have entered the ninth level of Dante’s Horrors.  Or perhaps they’ll start you off really light and leave you unsuspecting only to be thoroughly traumatized by greater difficulties later in the semester.  So as a gift to you, I offer you a few tools that will help you on your way.  They won’t take all the agony out of the process, but hopefully it will lighten your load at least a bit.  

Class Outlines

Once again, some people prefer to write up their own outlines and professors will encourage this.  However (once again), this process isn’t actually helpful for most law students.  It takes up a lot of time in the typing process that could have been spent in the studying process. Plus there is always the risk that you missed something important or misunderstood a vital topic.  Consequently, we have been given the precious gift of class outlines.   There are many versions online that you can find, including some that are specific to your school or professor. These can be invaluable, but Continue reading

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