Writing Hiragana – お

2 Dec

“O” OR “お” SAYS “long o sound as in potato”

First, Starting on the upper left, make a medium horizontal line. 


Second, starting a little bit above stroke one, make a vertical line down. Then (WITHOUT PICKING UP YOUR PEN) make a small loop to the left, cross back over the line and make a large curved line to the right.  


Notice that the line and loop are not centered, they are actually a little bit to the left of the character box.  You can see in the picture below that the big curve  (4) actually extends pretty far to the right – past the end of Stroke (1).


The Third stroke belongs in the upper right of the character. Starting on the left, make a very small sloped line downwards. 




  • おもい (Omoi) = Heavy
  • おい (Oi) = Nephew
  • おやつ (Oyatsu) = Snack
  • おちゃ (Ocha) = Green Tea

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