Unclaimed Property

Did you know that items you lose/leave behind may be turned in to the State Treasury? In fact, a lot of lost property is required to be turned in. And the Treasury office might keep it for quite a while, waiting for you to claim it. On the other hand, the states do auction items off after awhile to raise money.

And we’re not just talking $1 here or there. Some items in the auctions sell for thousands of dollars.  State Treasury Offices can have as much as a $Billion+ in unclaimed property that people have lost and never claimed. It can be physical property or something like an Insurance Refund (my uncle found $120+) or a Payroll (cousin had $28) or other such things.  Each state has a search engine where you look up your name (or a deceased family members name when searching for the estate).  If you don’t find anything there, make sure you try calling the State Treasurer’s office too. Not every state published everything in their possession–some take things down over time or don’t post big items, etc. Then usually you just have to file your claim. Check it out!  Great places to start are MissingMoney and NAUPA; they’re working with a bunch of states at once. 

  1. Alabama

  2. Alaska

  3. Arizona

  4. Arkansas

  5. California

  6. Colorado

  7. Connecticut

  8. Delaware

  9. District of Columbia

  10. Florida

  11. Georgia

  12. Hawaii

  13. Idaho

  14. Illinois

  15. Indiana

  16. Iowa

  17. Kansas

  18. Kentucky

  19. Louisiana

  20. Maine

  21. Maryland

  22. Massachusetts

  23. Michigan

  24. Minnesota

  25. Mississippi

  26. Missouri

  27. Montana

  28. Nebraska

  29. Nevada

  30. New Hampshire

  31. New Jersey

  32. New Mexico

  33. New York

  34. North Carolina

  35. North Dakota

  36. Ohio

  37. Oklahoma

  38. Oregon

  39. Pennsylvania

  40. Rhode Island

  41. South Carolina

  42. South Dakota

  43. Tennessee

  44. Texas

  45. Utah

  46. Vermont

  47. Virginia

  48. Washington

  49. West Virginia

  50. Wisconsin

  51. Wyoming

One Response to “Unclaimed Property”

  1. daniel March 21, 2016 at 5:05 am #

    I honestly didn’t even realize that is what happened, thanks for this information.

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