Your Name in Hangul

Get personalized products with your name customized in Hangul! Each of the styles below is available, and I’ll add more styles often! Any name (boy or girl) accepted!

Names will be written either in their most common form or according to pronunciation where unique. You can also provide the precise Hangul preferred.


  1. Email your request to
  2. Include:
    1. The Name
    2. The Design # selected
    3. The Product (options listed below)**
  3. Once assured I can meet your request, I will finish the design and email you a link to the product for purchasing.
  4. Enjoy the final result!

**If ordering from RedBubble or TeePublic, just tell me which one. The design will be uploaded on all products on those sites and you can make your selection later.

If ordering from Zazzle, please identify the exact product you intend to purchase with a link to the product page.

Product Options:

All products are sold through the RedBubble, TeePublic, or Zazzle websites to simplify manufacturing, payments, and provide a more secure ordering system.


You can see a list of product offerings via this link: RedBubble


Scroll down this page to see a list of product offerings: TeePublic


Below I have listed the most commonly sought items for easy viewing. But there are thousands of products available on Zazzle. For a full list, you can peruse their website. Please include in your request either the product selected below or the link to the product you identified.

*Where offered, the back coloring and design can be customized as well!

NOTES: Read before emailing your request

1) Names are rarely precisely translatable. Efforts will be made to make the pronunciation as closely as possible. We are not responsible if the resulting name aligns with a separate meaning in the original language.

2) The finalized designs and translations belong to me. The same design and name may be offered to more than one person if they request the same name and style. If you send your request, you are confirming that you have read and agree to these terms.

3) You will not pay me directly and you are not asked to provide any personal information except the emailed request. Once the design is emailed and confirmation received, your email and email address will be permanently deleted from my Gmail account. I would NEVER knowingly sell or share your information with anyone. Your purchase is made through the reputable third party merchants RedBubble, TeePublic, or Zazzle. The retailer will pay me a percentage of the retail price, and I will NEVER have access to your personal data in any way. This is to preserve your security and make the process as convenient as possible!

4) Once the design and link is emailed to you, my part is done 😊 I am not at all involved in the purchasing, manufacturing, quality, delivery, or returns — that is all through the merchant. Your order and purchase agreement and everything else is with them. ALL I DO IS PROVIDE CUTE DESIGNS. So if you do have issues (heaven forbid), please contact their representatives. They are the people best suited to help you!

5) Global shipping options are available depending on the website, but not in every region. Please read their shipping options before making your request!

6) First come, first serve! I will process all requests in the order in which they are received by email. I’ll try to answer all requests within 2-5 days, but it may take longer if I am really busy. If you want to cancel a request, just email and let me know. 😊

7) This is designed for people interested in purchasing personalized products. Unfortunately, I am not able to provide designs for free because I am a busy professional. If you make a request, please follow up with the stated purchase.

7) If you send your request, you are confirming that you have read and agree to these terms!

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