Yay Discover Card!!

28 Dec

So, my heart is still pounding from a freak out just now.

I completely forgot that I was being charged $9.00 automatically from an account on Scribd.com, and accidentally overdrew my Discover Card account by $1.  Luckily, not only did I discover that they have a 24/7 help line (1-800-DISCOVER inside the US; 1-801-902-3100 outside the US), they also have extremely friendly and helpful people to assist you.  They instantly looked up my account, I didn’t have to wait forever on the automatic phone system (just press 0 to get an operator), and they informed me that Discover does not charge for overdraft fees.  All I have to do is post a payment that covers the charge, and I am all good.  Furthermore, all of that was explained by a person from Utah who speaks perfect English!

Whew!  Thanks Discover for being the best credit card for a hard-working student!  While it was rather unhelpful in Korea, my Discover card has been excellent here in the States.  It does not have any monthly fees, I did not get charged anything when the card was accepted in a foreign country, and their reward system is actually helpful.

I don’t believe in using credit cards beyond what can be quickly re-paid, and I always pay them off at the end of the month, but for necessary times (like covering Christmas transportation and textbooks in between December and January paychecks) Discover has been amazing.

Yay!  One disaster averted!

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