Acne Free-The Power of Aloe

12 Jan

Many years ago, I too was once a teenager. Shocking, right? And boy did I ever suffer from the infamous acne problem confronting so many teens.

I tried various products and they cured some of the more serious issues. But, nothing would keep those  pesky black- and whiteheads to quit from showing up.

Then, I read a book.  No, not a beauty book.  I was actually reading some random love story and it was talking about the beautiful “radiance” of the main character’s skin.  Supposedly, she put Aloe Vera on her face every night.  Idiot that I was (never attempt things you read from a fiction book), I decided to test it.  Here is what I found: It works!!!


Tip:  Take a cotton ball or cotton cloth and wipe some Aloe Vera juice  on your face.  Don’t wash it off, just let it settle in.

Doing this, I survived the rest of the teenage years with a clear complexion!  You can usually find Aloe Vera Juice at any Wal-Mart or Health Store.

Aloe Vera Juice
The bottle I am currently using

WARNING:  Don’t use this every day.  After using it three days in a row, the acne actually got worse. It’s better to only use it every two to three days.

Now, a couple of details to clear up.

  • There are many Aloe Vera products out there.  Many claim to be special products for the skin, and some are actually helpful.  But, BEWARE!!–most will also have additives (often oil-based) that are not necessarily good for broken-out skin.  For example, some have Vitamin E, but it makes your skin oily.  This helps moisturize, but it also builds up the oil that causes acne problems.
  • In the same vein, sometimes you will find Aloe Vera gel, but this is the wrong product.  These often have things added to make it a gel instead of the juice.  Even if they say 100% pure, this may mean that they have other “pure” additives.  As I said before, they may add in something oily-based that technically is a wholly-natural item. So look for a product that says “juice” or 100% Aloe Vera, no additional products.
  • Aloe Vera juice sometimes comes in small jars, but be careful as usually a small bottle is a gel or has some additive.  So far as I have found, the only truly “pure” Aloe Vera juice comes in large bottles (milk jug size).  I just stick it under the sink. I’ll use it up eventually, but it takes a very, very, very long time to go bad (as in years).  
  • You may have to wait about 2-3 weeks for anything to happen, don’t give up (unless your problem gets worse).  Good luck!  I’m not a doctor, this may not work for you.  But everyone I have recommended it too says that it works miracles for them.  Hope this helps!!!

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