China, Hong Kong, and the transfer of Artifacts

12 Feb
Chinatown in Inchon Korea

Panda Mural in Chinatown

Whew!  These past two weeks have been amazingly busy, sorry for not posting anything earlier!

I’ve recently been trying to get all of my law school classes in order, but I think I’m going to give up on that effort.  It’s impossible to figure out how to juggle all of the classes, clubs, volunteer hours, and Research Assistant work.  Right now, I have been manning a taco table for the Latino Law Students Association, while looking up various research for the Iowa Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts project, at the same time that I look into topics for a research paper in the Cultural Heritage class.  0_0

Anyway, I managed to stumble across an idea I think I’ll use for the Cultural Heritage class, and I’m interested to see if anyone has some input on it.

The cultural heritage laws have changed significantly since the Hague Convention, and in that same period of time Hong Kong’s governmental structure has changed a lot.  It also promises to change even more in 2017, when China completes the take-over of Hong Kong from the British.  I want to research what will happen to the national cultural artifacts, museums, etc. when that final take-over occurs.  According to the modern laws of war, certain resources cannot be touched, but many of the artifacts were taken from China long before the modern laws went into practice.  On the other hand, the transfer of ownership is occurring now.  So in the end, I want to look into who owns what.

If anyone has some details or knows of some resources about the museums in Hong Kong or the nationally-owned cultural resources there, I would appreciate your sharing them!  Thanks!

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