The Planets of Korea (in Hangul)

8 Aug
M 16 by Astrofireball

“M 16” by Astrofireball on Deviantart. Click here for the link to the artist’s image.

Here’s a Random list of Korean Words 🙂 I was doing some research online and I found myself stumbling upon the question of how Koreans say the term “Jupiter.” So after researching that one, I went ahead and compiled a list of the others as well. So here is how you name the planets of our universe in Korean!  😛

  1. Jupiter = 목성 = Mokseong (mOk syOng)

  2. Mars = 화성 = Hwaseong (Hwah syOng)

  3. Venus = 금성 = Geumseong (gUm syOng)

  4. Earth = 지구 = Jigu (Jee gU)

  5. Saturn = 토성 = Toseong (tO syOng)

  6. Pluto = 명왕성 – Myeong-wangseong  (MyeeOng wahng syOng)

  7. Uranus = 천왕성 = Cheonwangseong (chyOn wahng syOng)

  8. Neptune = 해왕성 = Hahwangseong (hA hwah syOng)

  9. Mercury = 수성 = Suseong (sUH syOng)

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