Kind of Freaking Out

16 Sep

Yeah, so I’m kind of freaking out right now (and I’ve given up Facebook for a year, so I’m venting here).  As you all know, I studied abroad this past summer.  It was great; fun was had by all.  But I get an email Friday from my Registrar’s office (badly worded, missing words in the middle, and containing mis-spelled words within) stating that I missed a meeting with Dean Crain (Head of student Affairs) and Deb Paul (head of registrar) to discuss “you situation your summer abroad program in China.”  First of all, I was never informed of a meeting I was required to attend; so a little head’s up would have been appreciated. But second, what does that even mean?  If it was about my summer in general, wouldn’t it also include my program in Japan.  Why the program in China?  Is something wrong?  Are they saying I did something wrong? Are they not accepting my hours? They promised that they would accept the hours, but what else could they have to talk about.  The weirdness of the message and the fact that I’m being asked to speak to both deans is really screwing with my head.  It doesn’t sound like this is just a chat about how great everything was.  All I want to do is graduate and get it all over with. They’ll never have to see me again.  Argh!!!  I’ve kept my cool all weekend, but I’m really starting to freak out.  Why did I get this out of the blue?  My heart is racing; it’s 4:00 a.m. and I can’t sleep.  Sigh; I could really use some prayers right now.

Update: Find out what the problem was–the Stetson program had the wrong email address. Sigh; I hate it when I freak out for nothing. But I still wonder why they couldn’t have just told me that by email. Grr..

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