Five Beverages For The Common Cold

13 Jan

Follow-up to my recent post “Five Foods for the Common Cold.”  This is a list of five drinks that can help when you’re sick, via healing or soothing properties.  This mostly comes from years of studying and working with ill family and friends (as well as myself).  Much of it was passed down to me by my mother and grandmother.

1. Tea with Honey

You can try this with any kind of tea, include good old original Lipton, but something herbal might be better.  Some good teas to consider might be a soothing mint or ginger based tea, or perhaps an echinacea or dandelion tea for their healing element.  Thus the tea itself is calms the throat and stomach without the nasty taste of some vitamins or medicine.  In regards to the honey,  natural honey is the best, and it offers sugar to maintain blood sugar levels when you aren’t eating much as well as a number of other natural healing properties. The recipe itself isn’t difficult: 1 mug of water, 1 tea bag, and 1-2 TBSP of Honey.

2. Cloves and Ginger Tea

My mother happily swears by this tea, thanks to its healing and numbing abilities.  Cloves is a natural numbing agent, easing pain in sore throats, bad teeth, and aching ears.  Whenever I had an ear infection, we’d pack it with cloves and olive oil until it healed; and added to water, it will numb a sore throat and nauseous stomach for a while.  Ginger is known for its ability to help the intestinal track function properly, to fight viruses and bacteria, and to serve as a fairly effective natural healer.  It works for many ills, and is frequently administered to those with sick stomachs.  The recipe usually goes, a mug of water with at least half a  teaspoon each of cloves and ginger thrown in.  Heat to a boil and drink.

3.  Orange Juice Slushy

When I was a kid, this was my all time favorite recipe and really the only way my mom got me to drink fruit juices for ages.  I’ve never been a big fruit juice person, but I love this drink, especially when I don’t feel well.  You’ll need a blender1 can of frozen Orange Juice, 1  Cup of Milk, and 1 tray of ice (about 12-14 large cubes).  Throw in the ice, add the orange juice, and pour in 1 cup of Milk.  Blend together until it’s in slushy form.  This drink is good in all ways. It has a lot of ice which helps with liquidating the sick person. The milk has some protein. And the Orange Juice has all those lovely healing properties of Oranges (not least of which is Vitamin C).  All around great drink for the sick.

4. Apple Vinegar Water

I must admit that this is probably my least favorite of these drinks–in fact I find it hard to drink at all.  However, many members of my family drink the mixture regularly and greatly preach about how much it helps.  And, when I can gag it down, I have to agree–this works.  Grab a bottle of water and some Apple Cider Vinegar (white vinegar will not work). Mix 1-2 TBSP of Vinegar into the water and slug it down.  Nasty, huh? Well, lucky you, this drink is one of my best recommendations for a sick stomach.  It has a lot of anti-bacterial nutrients and soothes cramping or upset stomachs.

5. White Soda and Orange Sherbet 

I drink way too much soda on average (I don’t drink coffee and only tea on rare occasions), so I’m always happy when I actually have a good reason to down the drink.  However, this only really works with the “white” or “clear” sodas–Sprite, Sierra Mist, Ginger Ale, and 7-Up.  They may not have a lot of healthy nutrients, but sometimes the bubbly stuff can really help a sore throat and sick stomach.  I generally like to drink the soda, but it’s even more beneficial when you add in orange sherbet.  The sherbet has a water base that helps with liquidation, as well as Vitamin C, and the refreshing nature.  I find that I’m better able to keep this down when well and truly sick.

Hope some of this helps!

Please Note: I Am NOT A Doctor!!  If you are ill, it is HIGHLY recommended that you talk with your doctor right away.

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