23 Apr

Good point. . . . What if you’re in a wreck and losing blood fast. Do you have the answers you need?

My Twangle


Do you know your blood type?  I do not.  In these many years I have never needed to know it.  BUT, now, for a VISA (in country not credit card) application, I need to know it.  Who Knew.

Sure, I did the test in High School Biology.  Don’t remember the results.

Sure, I have donated blood.  Don’t have the card and never cared.  Just more junk in the wallet.

Yes, I have had surgery.  That requires a request for an information release authorization form, the return of said form, and the re-return of said information.  This goes for labor and delivery as well….Speaking of labor and delivery, I have the card that was in my daughter’s hospital bassinet and it does have a blood type on it, but no indication of whether it is mine or hers.  This request process goes for Dr.’s offices, too…

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