Book Disclaimers: Wheel of Time

25 Apr

Book Disclaimers: “Wheel of Time” will Steal Your Time


First off, I adore this series of books, or at least I did for a very long time.  Many, many years ago, I picked up a friend’s copy of “The Eye of the World” and ran straight through the first six books within less than a month.  I consumed them with a passion that was fierce and undying; Robert Jordan was just an amazing author. 

A lot of people have a problem with the fact that much of the series seems kind of reminiscent of LOTR, and that is certainly true.  There are “dark riders,” a collection of men that went terribly evil and sold their souls to the dark lord, there are trolls, and of course wizards. But Jordan’s work is also incredibly unique and wonderfully in-depth. Who can reject a fantasy series that has it’s own maps? And its own university webpage dedicated to the dozens of associated games. There is even supposedly a movie coming out before too long.  To put this series into perspective for fantasy newbies, this book was more of a cult classic than GOT.  It spins hundreds of little webs and tales, making it as complex (if not more) than George R. R. Martin’s series.    You may be following as many as twenty side stories at any given time, all of them vital to the main theme.  Combine the intricacy with the beautiful writing style, and the books are sheer magic.  You get an incredibly beautiful, LONG series of books.

It is that “long” thing that gets the series on this list of books needing disclaimers.  Every book is more than three hundred pages, and there are fourteen books in the series (not counting the prologue).  While I love a good series, this is above and beyond even for a die-hard fantasy/Robert Jordan lover like myself.  Part of my problem was the fact that I started in on the series before the last 5-6 books came out, and the were arriving about one every several years. This meant that I had forgotten and had to re-read the previous books every time a new one came out.  Now, the series is complete (unfortunately after the loss of its marvelous author), but it is still a long read. 

You can’t just read through it slowly, taking years to step through the webs Jordan weaves.  There is so much going on, that if you wait too long in-between chapters you have to start re-reading.  In fact, I once found myself going backwards in a single book, trying to recall where we left that character last.  Working through fourteen books of hundreds of lives is not exactly an easy feat.  

All that now brings me to the DISCLAIMER: only start on this series when you have time to spend–summer break, illness recovery, anything that gives you a while to read on through.  Otherwise, it gets too confusing and loses much of its charm.  Don’t let yourself get frustrated with it, just enjoy the flow!

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