Why I Want to Live Abroad Again

10 Aug

Travel Morgan Travel

Moving to a new place is never easy. It isdifficult and presents challenges youdid not know were possible. Sometimes youstruggle to make new friends oryou have difficulty fitting into thenew workplace. The literal move itself is never easy! Moving town to town lugging every prized (or let’s face it, not so prized possession) in the trunks of yourcars only to find that the new home was not as big as imagined.

But then something happens.

That one coworker who you’ve talked to at the coffee machine asks you to get a real coffee at Starbucks, or better yet, you get the courage to ask them and they say yes! Then there’s the day when your job isn’t that monster looming under your bed but a welcomed routine to your new life. All twenty-seven boxes containing your prize possessions have finally worked their way into the new nooks and crannies.


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