KDrama Review: The Grand Heist

3 Jan

Show Length

Full Length Movie

My Ratings

Theme Depth: ★★★
Uniqueness of Plot: ★★★
Acting: ★★★★
Technical Elements: ★★




Hilarious tale of two men, one laid back, lazy, and of disrepute; the other straight-laced, strict, and generally lacking a good sense of humor.  It starts out a little bit angsty but quickly jumps back into humorous as the adventures ensue.  Basically, some of the nobles are trying to control the Ice Market, and by doing so control a great deal of money. They have worked towards this goal through thievery, treason, treachery, torture, and murder.  And our  one and a half heroes decide it’s time to put everything to a stop once and for all, especially given the threat the nobles are now posing to the young king fresh upon the throne.  Together they pull together a group of dastardly/hilarious criminals from all over Asia to put in place a plan that the enemy will never see coming. Definitely a great action/comedy watch that has a little bit for everyone!

My Thoughts

Excellent movie!
I always appreciate a unique plot; after a while if you’ve seen one Kdrama you start to feel like you’ve seen them all.  And while this one has the old “the nobles are evil and a heroes needs to defend the poor,” much of the story is pretty darn unique or at least uncommon.

Of course, I just loved the chemistry between the two male stars – they bounced off of one another spectacularly.  The straight man kept throwing off oddly perfect comedic moves, and the funny man would have strokes of gentle sincerity that worked perfectly.  It helped that I loved the entire rest of the cast as well.  They characters, their personalities, the collection – it all just worked for me.  I usually have at least one character that I’m less fond of, but here I really loved them all.

I also appreciate (as I’ve said many times before) the fact that the romance wasn’t the ENTIRE story here.  It was a side story that flowed perfectly into the rest of the film and only added to the comedy and action instead of detracting from it.   It wasn’t something that sprung upon our heroes at first sight either, there was at least a little foundation for the romance making the story require less of a “leave your brain at the door” feel   . . .

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