:( RIP my beloved student

12 May


I was just informed that two of my dear students from last semester were in a car accident in April. They were coming back to school to hand in their theses and offer their defenses – unfortunately, the car was in an accident.  I had been told about the accident, but they said the students were from a different class. I just  learned that they were actually two of my students from last semester.   One of the girls, I know her name, was only injured but is still in the hospital unable to move.  Dear girl, so kind and sweet.  She is precious and I wish her the greatest of all recoveries.  The other, I have unfortunately been unable to get her name yet, did not survive.  The school is refusing to release details, so none of us knew in time to go to her funeral.  In fact, we are even having a hard time learning her name.  My heart is breaking, I loved all of my students last semester so dearly and they are so all so precious to me.  Just on the brink of graduating, and they were so full of dreams when I spoke with them in December.  I just want to weep.  😦  Rest in peace my dear, know that I am thinking of you.

~ Olivia

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