KDrama Review: Missing Noir M

16 Jun

Show Length

10 Episodes

My Ratings

Theme Depth: ★★
Uniqueness of Plot: ★★★1/2
Acting: ★★★
Technical Elements: ★★★




Gil Soo-Hyun (Kim Kang-Woo) is the resident ex-FBI agent, trained at the best of US colleges and wowing the world since childhood with his crime-solving abilities. Returning home to Korea (under circumstances to be reveled as time goes on), he ends up in a Special Police unit dedicated to solving the hardest missing persons cases.  Joining him on the team are Jin Seo Joon (Jo Bo-Ah), a sweet and fast-fingered computer wizard, and Oh Dae Young (Park Hee-Soon), a loyal but stubborn traditional detective known for his thorough understanding and determined adherence to the tiniest word of the law.

Together the three of them work through their clashing personalities (Oh Dae Young never shoots; Gil Soo-Hyun is a possibly too trigger-happy US-trainee) and slowly resolve their complex pasts. These three detective carefully walk through some of the most fascinating crime scenes I’ve seen in a while!

My Thoughts

I’m going with mixed emotions on this one (but mostly good!). . . 

Uniqueness & Plot Depth ~ On the one hand, I LOVED the first 8 or so episodes! Original, intriguing, exceptional story-lines that kept me guessing and fixed to Lawrence the Laptop’s screen in suspense.  I’d probably give them a 5 star for uniqueness of plot and definitely good theme depth.  The sheer amazingness of the first crime really carried the rest of the show for me – I kept watching just in case another glimpse of that kind of creativity would appear.  

There is no romance to this drama, in fact not much of a personal touch at all until the end.  The three stars are randomly brought together to resolve the first crime as Gil is summoned by the criminal, Jo Bo-Ah joins for her talents, and Oh Dae Young as a watch dog for the potentially uncontrollable Gil.  They walk step-by-step though each crime, trailing the lost’s footprints from the beginning to the end.  I loved the little touches each character contributed to the process, they really had great chemistry for a tv team and worked well off of one another!

I particularly appreciated the fact that sometimes the ending was good, sometimes it was bad. That really did seem to be the guiding theme throughout this drama — sometimes justice saves the day, more often it doesn’t. But still we fight.  It was a lesson Gil and Oh especially had to learn as they try to answer the age old questions of justice-fighters everywhere. When is it okay to shoot to kill?  When do you have to let people face the consequences of their actions. How long will you continue to defend the guilty against vengeful revenge-seekers?  Who exactly deserves our protection?  

The drama was extremely thought-provoking in both theme and detail; the complexity of the mysteries, the easy manipulation of evidence within the plotline, the constant return to the issue of why not just let the evil die?  All of it pulled me in and I just couldn’t stop. 

Wow.  Just, Wow.

Then, boom.  We hit the conclusion.  I’m highly recommending you watch it anyway, because it is still a marvelous show. But, in comparison to the beginning, it felt like a bit of a let-down. I knew the moment they introduced the missing victims where they were going with this. Plus, it was a little bit harder to follow.  I watched it twice, and I’m still feeling like I missed something.  

Still, I wasn’t expecting the exact ending and it was very well done — I’ve never seen a drama end this way, and it’s left me a bit stunned and grasping for straws.  It was extraordinary!  

Acting: by and large, the acting was pretty good.  Kang-Woo is gorgeous, and plays dark and mysterious pretty well – I’d watch him again any old day even if a couple scenes did come across seeming forced.  But Hee-Soon was awesome, he held it together until the very end; had me sobbing for his loss right along with him. (And can I just say, I adored this marriage!?!)  Jo Ba-Ah was also really good for her part – I admit I focused on the guys in their roles more, but she didn’t annoy me with her character, I felt she was realistic pretty much, and I genuinely liked her as a person.  That always makes a drama better in my eyes 🙂

Trust me, I’ll be checking out season 2!  Hope you join me! 


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