Celebrating the 4th At Mark Twain Days!

6 Jul

“We are called the nation of inventors. And we are. We could still claim that title and wear its loftiest honors if we had stopped with the first thing we ever invented, which was human liberty.”
~ Mark Twain

Lafayette, we have arrived!  Once again on American shores, we celebrated this 4th of July at the all-American “Mark Twain Days” festival in Hannibal, Missouri.  Surely you’re familiar with the famous mid-western author?  

Hannibal is his hometown, and they have hosted the Mark Twain Days for as long as I (Olivia) can remember. Frog-Jumping Contests, Fence-Painting Contests, Art and Craft Fairs, Races, Parades, Mud-Volleyball, Tom and Becky competitions — it’s great fun for everyone! If you’re looking for a bit of traditional American culture, this is it!

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