Love You Daddy

12 Aug



This evening, I received a letter from my university’s loan company that they offered their condolences on the death of my cosigner. That is how I was told about my father’s death. I had to look it up online. The only information I have is the notice on the funeral home’s website.

The letter had been sent from Navient on my birthday, imagine if I had opened it then.

Apparently he died on June 11, 2015 and my step-mother and siblings failed to tell me. despite having the ability to do so.  I was not given the opportunity to say something about him at his death so I wanted to say something now.

I am proud to have been his daughter. Daddy was a good, kind man who did his very best to be a great person, good and loyal to his family. He worked hard to provide for everyone and to make the people around him happy. He loved all his kids and I love him.

This situation is beyond comprehension. To anyone reading this, please don’t ever let another child find out about something like this in such a way. We deserve better. Daddy deserved better.

God bless you Daddy.

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