It’s #Time! — #Changchun here I come!

23 Jul

The big change has arrived! Tomorrow, I am closing up my home in Henan and moving to Changchun, Jilin. Northeast Normal University (#NENU) has been amazing and very helpful in this long process. They have really gone above and beyond with the resettlement process! We have been in Henan for three years now, and had some wonderful experiences. It’s really made me grow as both a teacher and a person. I have loved my students here so much from my first Bus. Eng. 1, Bus. Eng. 2, and Finance 7 classes to this year’s international students, Statistics kids, and Finance 1. I’m gonna miss you guys so much! Of course most of you already graduated so I would miss you anyway 😛 Very sad to leave so many great friends and “in-my-heart” family members behind, but I promise to stay in touch with everyone and we can always communicate on #WeChat / #Weixin! Everyone is welcome to come and visit some time, we’re very close to the ice sculptures of #Harbin

Excited to meet my new students and for the opportunity to meet new friends! I’ll post pictures soon!


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