My Works

“Mars and Venus” by Hellstern

Mars and Venus Symbols of the Chaotic and Conflicted Human Passions and the Reestablishment of Order in “The Knight’s Tale.”


“The First Opium War

Avoiding the Subject: The Opium War, Opium-Markets, and the Exclusion of Chinese Laborers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico


“Operation Jedburgh Team”

Operation Jedburgh:

Creation of Operation Jedburgh and the Jedburgh Team’s Efforts during D-Day


“Albania 6” by OoSASHYoO

Albania: A Nation of Ethnic and Social Conflict


“Badb Catha” by JohnMcCambridge

The Morrígan: A Trinity United


William Donovan

Through Adversity, It Became Strong: The Establishment of the OSS, The Opposition It Faced, and Its Overall Success


Mata Hari: A Life of Lies


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