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Art I Love ~ Misty Mood

19 Mar


27 Oct

Melbourne Street Art

24 Oct

Only in @visitmelbourne will you find a scene like this! #Melbourne is known as one of the world's greatest street art capitals - all over the city you'll find kaleidoscopic splashes of colour. Some of the popular spots to find street art include Hosier Lane (pictured) Union Lane and 21 Degraves Street - or you can take a guided tour with @blenderstudios. And in case you were wondering the @cityofmelbourne has made street art completely legal on designated public spaces in the spirit of crea...: via Australia

Art I Love – Wildflowers

19 Sep

Wildflowers by Pol Ledant

Music I Love ~ “My Heart Will Go On – Vintage 50’s Version)

9 Aug

Art I Love ~ Wolf Tears

29 Jul

Art I Love- Black Ghost

22 Jul


Art I Love ~ “In a Field”

21 Jul

Art I Love ~ Iris

14 Jul

Artist Unknown

Art I Love ~ Hua Qian Gu

25 Feb

hua qian gu by hiliuyun
“Hua Qian Gu” by Hiliuyun

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