Changing Colors

20 Nov

Today I learned something new and completely fascinating.  I use Microsoft Word for all of my academic writing, and I often write in outline form.  While writing outlines for my final exams, I learned a cool new trick for when I am writing in bulleted format!

Say for example you are typing up a list of definitions in the following format:

  • “Word–Definition”
  • “Word–Definition”

Generally, I would make the ‘word’ a different color from the definition to make it stand out.  However, it gets tedious having to change the color format for each new word.  Well, today by a complete accident, I found a way to get around that.

1. Put the items in your list in bulleted/numbered format.

2. Set up the first item on your list in the two colors you want (for example put ‘word’ in red and definition in blue).

3. Hit Enter

4. Start you second word (the program will automatically start typing in the first color you chose).  However, add in a period after the ‘word’ before you  start typing your definition and Viola!  Microsoft Office will automatically switch over to the second color, mimicking the format of the first item on your list.

Cool huh!?!–saved me time and patience.

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