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How to Use Mathematical Equations in your Blogging

27 Apr


If you’re like me, you might need the help of mathematical equations in your blogging or professional writing.  But writings and copying an equation from Word into your website simply won’t work.

Research kept taking me to sites that recommended MathJax, LaTeX, MathML, etc. But to be honest, without an idea of how those work it just got all sorts of confusing. Certainly not as simple as I needed.

But I did finally find a website that worked for me! I’ve tested this method and it allowed me to add Mathematical Equations to:

  1. WordPress
  2. Weebly
  3. LinkedIn

I’m sure it works for other sites as well!

  1. Open up your post. 
  2. On another tab, open up the LaTeX Equation Editor (
  3. Using the Equation Editor, create your Math Equation.  If you don’t immediately see your format, try hovering your mouse over one of the categories to see more equation formats.
    1. For WordPress: Simply copy the image that the Editor produces and paste into your WordPress post!
    2. For LinkedIn or Weeble: Right click on the image and save it as a GIF. Then go to your post, add an image, and upload the picture.
    3. For other websites where steps 1 or 2 don’t work, you can copy the code at the bottom of the page and paste it into your post via HTML coding.

So Easy!


Important PC Keyboard Shortcuts

17 Mar

Cartoon Computer and Desktop by DTRave

I am always surprised at how many people are not aware of the keyboard shortcuts available on the Computer. A fairly quick typer, I would be lost without my quick fixes and shortcut options when working on Lawrence the Laptop!  But I teach a lot of college students and adults who aren’t really familiar with even some of the more basic options available. So here is a quick list! 🙂  *Sorry, I don’t do Mac, so I can’t help there 😦

The ones in Red are shortcuts I use really, really often and find most helpful. They make typing or online work much faster.

Ctrl +

  1. Ctrl + A = Highlight Everything
  2. Ctrl + B = Bold.
  3. Ctrl + C = Copy
  4. Ctrl + D = Favorite / Bookmark 
    1. Ctrl + Shift + D = Bookmark All Tabs
  5. Ctrl + F = Find (on the page or in the folder
  6. Ctrl + H = Open History Page
  7. Ctrl + I = Italics
  8. Ctrl + J = 
    1. In Word = Justify Left, Right, or Center
    2. In Browser = Open Downloads Page
  9. Ctrl + L = Start typing in the address bar
  10. Ctrl + N = Open New Page (or Slide or Document depending on the program you’re using)
  11. Ctrl + P = Print
  12. Ctrl + R = Refresh
  13. Ctrl + S = Save
  14. Ctrl + T = Open New Tab
    1. Ctrl + Shift + T = Open Previous Tab
  15. Ctrl + U = Underline 
  16. Ctrl + V = Paste
  17. Ctrl + W = Close
  18. Ctrl + X = Cut
  19. Ctrl + Y = Redo
  20. Ctrl + Z = Undo
  21. Ctrl + Enter = Adds “http://www.” and “.com” to anything you put in the address bar
  22. Ctrl and + = Zoom in
  23. Ctrl and – = Zoom out
  24. Ctrl + Left Arrow = Start typing at the beginning of the previous word.
  25. Ctrl + Right Arrow = Start typing at the beginning of the next word.
  26. Ctrl + Down Arrow = Start typing at the beginning of the next paragraph.
  27. Ctrl + Up Arrow = Start typing at the beginning of the previous paragraph.
  28. Ctrl + F4 = Close the window of all tabs but the one currently open.
  29. Ctrl + Alt + Delete = Open Task Manager (how to close pages that aren’t responding)

Alt + Buttons

  1. Alt + Tab = Move Between Open Pages
  2. Alt + Enter = View “Properties”
  3. Alt + Esc = Move between Pages in the order that they were opened.
  4. Alt + F4 = Close Page

F Buttons

  1. F1 = Help Page (for whatever program  you have open–i.e. using Google Chrome it opens Chrome’s help page. Word, it opens Word’s help page)
  2. F2 = Rename (if you highlight a file/folder)
  3. F5 = Refresh
  4. F6 = Instantly Start Typing in the Address Bar 
  5. F7 = Spell Check 
  6. F11 = Go to Full Screen (Open or Close)–Shortcut for making videos big 🙂
  7. F12 = “Save As” window in Office

Shift + Buttons

  1. Shift + D = Delete permanently without sending to “Recycle Bin”
  2. Shift + F3 =
    1. When using Microsoft Office = Click to easily go back and forth between 1. all small letters 2. Every Word Is Capitalized and 3. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
    2. When using a Browser = Find
  3. Shift + F7 = Highlight a word and use Shift + F7 to look it up in the Thesaurus

Windows + Buttons

  1. Windows + D = Show Desktop
  2. Windows + E = Open “My Computer”
  3. Windows + F = “Search All Files” option will open so you can search your entire computer
  4. Windows + M = Minimize all Windows.
  5. Windows + Shift + M = Restore (Maximize) Windows

Other Buttons

  1. PrintScreen (PrntScr) to take a Screenshot. Then Paste it into OneNote or a Word Document and save as a picture.
  2. Hold down Shift while Highlighting to Highlight things in a row.
  3. Hold down Ctrl while Highlighting to Highlight unconnected words. 
  4. To pull a group of tabs off into a new page–> Click the first tab + Hold down Shift + Click the last tab . Now Click and drag off the toolbar and they’ll come off and open up in a new page together. Only works in some browsers!

Cool Link: Kuler by Adobe

5 Apr

Confession: I am addicted to changing colors, styles, themes, and fonts on stuff.  Powerpoints are my favorite things ever, purely because it promotes playing with the appearance of your product.  

For fellow amateur designers, I wanted to tell you about the amazing thing that is Adobe’s site ‘Kuler.”  The professionals already know about it, because it is pretty much the best-thing-since-sliced-bread invention of web designing.  

The way it works is you pick a base color you particularly are interested in, and it gives you at least four other colors that it would go with.  For example, you can chose from “monochrome” and it gives you varieties of the same shade.  Ask for “complementary,” it pulls from opposite sides of the color wheel to make your swatch.   Here is an example from the “pink” I had chosen as my base (“cf135e”)













There are even a ton of sample swatches for you to start with or choose from!


You don’t even have to know your base color at the beginning; just drag the circles around the color wheel until you find a color. The nice part about this is that it gives you both the HEX code (#000000) and the RGB code.  I’m just upset that doesn’t let you use the codes anymore, instead you are limited to the first color samples.  But, it still works with Tumblr! 🙂


How to Overlap Sound Recordings on Windows Movie Maker

11 Mar

Learned this process yesterday when making my educational Youtube video:

I created this video by making a recording of my voice, adding pictures, and then adding a music sound track.  Since the Movie Maker only works with one sound track at a time, it didn’t want to overlap my voice and the music at first.  It took a while, but I finally figured it out.  It’s surprisingly easy, but most of the instructions I found were outdated from the new Windows Movie Maker.  Consequently, I had to make it up as I went! 🙂  

Sound Recording 1

  • Create your project with just the first sound track. Add pictures, effects, etc. until it is complete. 
  • Go to File in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. Click it.
  • Now find Save Movie. it should be the sixth option in the list.  
  • Choose “Recommended for this project” 
  • Now it’s going to bring up the pop-up page that walks you through saving the movie.  Save the video.  This compresses the sound and video into one file.
  • Let it finish processing; the program will tell you when your video is done.  

Sound Recording 2

  • Close this project down.
  • Start a new project in Windows Movie Maker.
  • Under the “Home” tab, you’ll find “Add videos and photos.”  Click it.
  • Find your video with the first sound recording on your computer and add it to the project. This will import the video and sound as one file.  You cannot adjust the first sound recording now, but you can add another sound recording to it.
  • Now under the “Home” tab, you’ll find “Add music.”  Click that and add your second sound recording.   
  • Now you can play with the start times, end times, etc. to get it all perfect.
  • Go through the Save Movie process again, and voila! your video is finished with two sound recordings!

Sound Recording 3-~

  • Repeat the same process, compressing everything into one video file and then adding to it with each project.

How to Type in Korean on Windows 8

18 Feb


How to Type in Korean on Windows 8


You can enlarge the images by clicking on them

  • Go to your Windows 8 Sidebar on the right and click the “Search Button.”  It looks like a magnifying glass.



How to Find Your Wireless Password without the Router

27 Nov

I ran into this problem today, so I figured I would share the information with you 🙂

If you need to find the wireless password and you don’t have access to the Router (I.e. you are at an extended family’s house like me  :P) Here is how you go about locating that.  

  1. Enter into the URL box in your browser. That’s it. No www or http://.  Just those numbers.
  2. It’s going to ask you for a username and password.  Usually that’s admin and admin for both username and password.  Sometimes it’ll be something like admin and password.  It always works with just admin for me.
  3. Now it should bring up a page with all of your internet’s information- name, router information, etc.  Somewhere there will be a place for Internet Security (or something similar). That is going to have your password!
  4. Mostly, just fiddle around with the page it pulls up, looking at the different tabs and options, until you find security with the password’s information.

Worked for me; hope it helps you!!


How to Install Line (A step-by-step guide)

18 Apr


Line is a kind of messenger system, like Skype only it’s not based out of the U.S.  It’s kind of a weird cross between Twitter, Tumblr, and Skype really, you’ll find pictures, chat message, phone services, and you can join in on live chats as well. Anyway, a bunch of people have been looking for directions on installation, so here you go!


You can try just searching for “Line” in your smartphone app store.  It usually brings it up as the first or second result.  It’s a green button that says “Line.”  Just remember, you have to set it up on your smartphone/I-Pod before you can put it on your computer.  Line requires it.

Line Official Website

  1. Go to the official Line website at

Line Download

  • Click theGreen “Download” button.  You will have to set it up on your ipod/iphone/smart phone before you can install it on the computer.  I put it on my Ipod, so I went through the Iphone process.  I’m assuming it is similar for other mobiles.


  • Click the Green button for your mobile choice.  It will take you to I-Tunes for Apple products and GooglePlay for Android products, ditto for the other app programs.  From now on I’ll approach it from the I-Tunes version.


  • Once it locates “Line by NAVER Japan Corporation,” click the Blue “View in I-Tunes.”


  • Off you go to I-tunes where you download it like any other app and transfer it over onto your I-Pod. I’ll upload a post soon on how to do this if you don’t know how. Open the Program on your Mobile Device.
This is what the app looks like

This is what the app looks like


  1. Now, you will have to enter in an email address and password (Keep these, you’ll need them to install it on your computer).  Then go through the other set up processes, this will include your profile fic, username, terms & conditions, and verification.  The Phone number should  be something you’ll get text messages on since they send you a passcode for human verification purposes.  Enter in the number from the text message when it asks.  Once it is installed, you’re good to go here.
  2. To install it on your computer go back to the official Line website at
  3. Click the Green “Download” button and pick your computer.  Download the file, enter your email address and password when it asks, and you are set!


I haven’t tried this on a Blackberry, but I’ve been told by trusted sources that this is the process (It’s also the advised directions from LINE).

1. Tap More > Add Friends > Official to open the Official Accounts list.

2. Tap the Official Account you wish to add to your Friends list, and tap Add.

These directions can also be found here

How to Find Super Junior’s new Official Line (A step-by-step guide w/Pictures)

17 Apr

Also applies to all other Official Line Accounts 

Super Junior

Other fans of the KPOP band Super Junior have been asking how to locate their Official Line link, since most of the sites tell you it’s up but not how to locate it.  So here you go! Enjoy!

You can also find directions on locating JYJ’s line Here

P.S. Line is a kind of messenger system, like Skype only it’s not based out of the U.S.  It’s kind of a weird cross between Twitter, Tumblr, and Skype really, you’ll find pictures, chat message, phone services,and you can join in on live chats as well. Continue reading

New Tool on Facebook

9 Apr

New Tool on Facebook–The Smiley-Face!

So, I didn’t really notice this before, but apparently there is yet another new addition to the Facebook experience.   If you look at the box where you insert your status updates (i.e. “I’m totally ready for Spring!”–>My post today :P)  you will notice a new smiley-face button.




If you click that smiley-face, you will see the options pictured below.  There you can choose from a long list of things including “I’m reading such and such” or “I’m feeling wonderful” to your status.  I’ve seen this option on other journal software programs (DeviantArt, Livejournal), but it is new to FB!  What do you think?  



How to Type in Pinyin Chinese on Windows 7

6 Apr


How to Type in Pinyin Chinese on Windows 7


You can enlarge the images by clicking on them

  • Go to your Windows “Start” button on the task bar at the bottom of your screen.

Windows 7

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