Parachutes and Cities

29 Jan

So. . . I ran over a parachute the other day and I’m still confused by this factor.   Not a small one either. I’m at the main street crossroads of a busy city, and I run over a rather large parachute in the middle of the road. I’m not talking one of those cute little army-men parachute things you get at the Fourth of July either. It was as long as my truck, and when the wind caught it, the balloon thing blew out and started to pick up. Then we ran over it again.  It had a small bag thing on the end of the ropes too.

Now, I’m assuming this blew out of someone’s car, but who the heck is lucky enough to have a parachute in their car in the first place!?!  Where do I get mine?

Or perhaps it was a secret parachute that landed in the wrong place carrying super top secret information. . . My imagination can’t stop wondering. 😛

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