How to Install Line (A step-by-step guide)

18 Apr


Line is a kind of messenger system, like Skype only it’s not based out of the U.S.  It’s kind of a weird cross between Twitter, Tumblr, and Skype really, you’ll find pictures, chat message, phone services, and you can join in on live chats as well. Anyway, a bunch of people have been looking for directions on installation, so here you go!


You can try just searching for “Line” in your smartphone app store.  It usually brings it up as the first or second result.  It’s a green button that says “Line.”  Just remember, you have to set it up on your smartphone/I-Pod before you can put it on your computer.  Line requires it.

Line Official Website

  1. Go to the official Line website at

Line Download

  • Click theGreen “Download” button.  You will have to set it up on your ipod/iphone/smart phone before you can install it on the computer.  I put it on my Ipod, so I went through the Iphone process.  I’m assuming it is similar for other mobiles.


  • Click the Green button for your mobile choice.  It will take you to I-Tunes for Apple products and GooglePlay for Android products, ditto for the other app programs.  From now on I’ll approach it from the I-Tunes version.


  • Once it locates “Line by NAVER Japan Corporation,” click the Blue “View in I-Tunes.”


  • Off you go to I-tunes where you download it like any other app and transfer it over onto your I-Pod. I’ll upload a post soon on how to do this if you don’t know how. Open the Program on your Mobile Device.
This is what the app looks like

This is what the app looks like


  1. Now, you will have to enter in an email address and password (Keep these, you’ll need them to install it on your computer).  Then go through the other set up processes, this will include your profile fic, username, terms & conditions, and verification.  The Phone number should  be something you’ll get text messages on since they send you a passcode for human verification purposes.  Enter in the number from the text message when it asks.  Once it is installed, you’re good to go here.
  2. To install it on your computer go back to the official Line website at
  3. Click the Green “Download” button and pick your computer.  Download the file, enter your email address and password when it asks, and you are set!


I haven’t tried this on a Blackberry, but I’ve been told by trusted sources that this is the process (It’s also the advised directions from LINE).

1. Tap More > Add Friends > Official to open the Official Accounts list.

2. Tap the Official Account you wish to add to your Friends list, and tap Add.

These directions can also be found here

5 Responses to “How to Install Line (A step-by-step guide)”

  1. Don Semmend February 1, 2019 at 1:31 pm #

    I had a previous line account on another phone. I don’t want to lose the contact numbers from that account
    Can you help set me up with a new account on my new phone


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