Needless Waste

7 Nov

The Government is getting ready to destroy all this ivory in a message that they are taking the issue seriously.

Say What!?!  Why on earth would you needlessly destroy this ivory?  This isn’t honoring the animals that suffered to give this ivory. This isn’t a call about how much we regret their harm.  This is just creating a bigger market for ivory by making a shortage. They’ve just raised the price, so now there is a greater incentive to go get ivory.  They have raised the risk to the very animals we want to save!

Why not shape the horns into little animals and sell/give them away as a charity fund-raiser to save the animals?!?  Then you wouldn’t create a shortage, but your message would get out. But this? This is a total waste!!!!!!!  (Also how many pianos could have been saved through this ivory?–the Government’s a D*** to Pianos. And as a pianist, I find that seriously of the wrong!)

One Response to “Needless Waste”

  1. mytwangle at 2:07 pm #

    Reblogged this on My Twangle and commented:
    Well Said! This has just utterly disgusted me. Waste not, want not. HELLO! Of all the wasteful, meaningless, arrogant …….blah, blah, blah. This is a scare product the world around! Makes you wonder if it isn’t a move to increase the price for a friend…because it is irrational otherwise.

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