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When a #Piano Dies, #Music Itself Weeps to Hear

2 Sep

This is so awesome. I know that they’ve gone through a ton of other devastation, but as a devoted piano player — I know how sad that kid and family must feel. Anyone who loves the piano knows how precious your pianos are to you. You treasure those notes and keys — the sound it plays (even if out of tune) becomes the standard by which you judge all other music. It stands with you when your happy, it soothes you in sorrow, it rages in your anger. The piano is like an old friend, always sturdy and waiting for you to just open the lid and pick up again. It plays any song you’re feeling, giving you an outlet for expression and a listener at the same time. I used to have a beautiful old upright piano that I LOVED. I still think it’s notes were the prettiest I have ever heard. It followed me from home to college to graduate school thanks to AMAZING Family who helped us move it despite the weight. But when I came to China, I had to give it to a new person. It was so hard to do. I still cry when I think about it — I REALLY miss having a piano. It’s so kind of Yamaha and the singer to replace this families. I love this guys response to the losses and how he is facing it head on. That’s what piano players do — sit down, play until you have the strength to move on, and then go out and face the world with new determination. Prayers for Texas, Oregon, and Montana!


Texas family to get new piano with a little help from a Grammy nominee

Awesome Piano

12 May

This piano would be amazing to play; although I cannot imagine the logistics of it actually working. It would be so much worse than an organ!  I think I’d get dizzy from spinning back and forth that much.  Random Question? ~ How many keys does this add?

I'd like to Play this it would be so cool but you'd probably need a spinny chair or two people!!! So neat!!

Salut Salon ~ Wettstreit Zu Viert

10 May

Unique Method of Playing the Piano!

2 Dec

Needless Waste

7 Nov

The Government is getting ready to destroy all this ivory in a message that they are taking the issue seriously.

Say What!?!  Why on earth would you needlessly destroy this ivory?  This isn’t honoring the animals that suffered to give this ivory. This isn’t a call about how much we regret their harm.  This is just creating a bigger market for ivory by making a shortage. They’ve just raised the price, so now there is a greater incentive to go get ivory.  They have raised the risk to the very animals we want to save!

Why not shape the horns into little animals and sell/give them away as a charity fund-raiser to save the animals?!?  Then you wouldn’t create a shortage, but your message would get out. But this? This is a total waste!!!!!!!  (Also how many pianos could have been saved through this ivory?–the Government’s a D*** to Pianos. And as a pianist, I find that seriously of the wrong!)

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