I Support the Liberty University Family

19 Nov

Many of you know that I am a Liberty University graduate, and a proud one at that.  After reading the articles and the comments coming out, I wanted to say a couple things.


We like to quote Bible verses and pithy sayings at moments like these, but none of that really meets this kind of situation.  Except one: “Jesus Wept.”  After what happened today, our hearts are breaking for both of you. Liberty is supposed to be a safe place, a home where people are blessed indeed.  Nothing like this is ever supposed to happen.  There are no explanations we can offer, no excuses, no reasons.  This incident is all the more horrific for that, and I have no idea how to even begin to express the strength of our sorrow for you.  Just know  that our thoughts and prayers go with you. I know this school; I know these students. They are good people, and they are thinking of and supporting you, even if you can’t see them.  I know that they are all praying (many on their knees) for you and for your loss.   As parts of the Liberty family, they are extended members of our personal families, and we grieve with you.  


First, remember that this isn’t the time to take sides or to start spouting politics. These families are both in pain, and they need our help.  God doesn’t judge; He just loves.  So show this.

The second hardly needs saying, but please help us rally around the families.  To those who are far away, please stop what you’re doing and pray.  Find other Liberty Students/Alumni and form prayer groups.  Reach out to people you know at Liberty and see if anyone know of ways you can help from afar.  For those who are near,show them that God has not forgotten them; that His love still rings true.  Reach out to them, support them, pray with and for them, and most importantly hug them.  I cannot begin to tell you how important hugs are to people; and they are highly under-estimated.  See if they need food, help with anything, start collections if they need money.  And let the rest of us know how to help. 

Third, support your school.  This event is going to open Liberty up to all sorts of criticism; it’s already begun.  If you have ever loved this college or these people, now is the time to show it.  Help us combat the negative information and barrage of criticism that is about to come our way.  Start reminding people of who we are. Make it personal by sharing your experiences.  Talk about the Christian Community Service projects you participated in and the results. Tell them about the times that people at convocation came together to answer prayer requests. Speak of the Convocations when people would abandon the schedule just to spend hours praying for and speaking with people who spoke up about problems in their lives. About all the little daily good deeds we see on campus every day.  Remind the world of who we are and what we stand for.  

Finally, honor the Liberty Way.    Go to Convocation. Don’t do drugs or alcohol. Don’t try to skirt the dress code.  Don’t invite people of the opposite sex into  your dorm.  You’ve been gifted with the right to have a weapon–guard that right wisely by being careful in the extreme.  Obey the laws.  They are going to attack the Liberty Way, and you can’t stand behind it if you don’t follow it.

To The Rest of the World:

Don’t criticize my school until after you’ve lived the Liberty Way among these people.  Are they influential in the community? Yes. That’s because they contribute to the community.  Are they a pro-gun campus? Yes. And this situation doesn’t make me feel any less safe there.   I don’t know why this man was in a dorm when he shouldn’t have been or why an officer would fire on what seems to have been an unarmed man.  But none of that is Liberty at its norm.  

This is my school, and I love it.  I went to Liberty at a time when I needed to know that the world was good, and they more than lived up to the bargain.  These are the people who stopped what they were doing to hug and pray with me in the middle of a major hallway when they saw I was crying. When a couple wanted to adopt a family of kids from Africa who were about to be split up but could only afford one, these are the students who stood up and literally started taking all the money in their pockets out until they raised the funds.  Not just one or two students, but thousands. These are young adults who still think sleigh riding is fun, that free ice cream at finals is the best thing our school has done for us EVER.  We are Champions.  We are Liberty.  and We are Good.

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