Get Over It!

8 Feb

Okay people, I’m getting pretty tired of all the negative commentary on the Olympic games in Sochi.  I mean, come on!  For 4, 8, 12 years some of these athletes have been dreaming, and wishing, and hoping, and praying for the opportunity to join these games.  For all those years, they worked and sacrificed for this very moment.  It’s the crowning peak of their lives.  Some of them may never again reach a moment like this.  

And all anyone can talk about is a few run-down hotels, an anti-gay law, and a broken light fixture.  Seriously?

 If  you can’t suffer through some bad hotels, then you shouldn’t travel.  I’ve been to five-star hotels in the US that sucked pretty badly too.  Missing internet in Russia? Talk about filled condoms on the sheets, pubic hair in the showers, AND broken internet in the US–all in one room.  Get over it!   These things just give you stories to tell to your grandchildren.  I once slept sans pillow and blankets on the floor, washed my teeth in a sink shared with 70 other women, and lived in the same clothes three days in a row when I was supposed to have a lovely hotel room.  That’s life!

As for the gay law, these games are not about anyone but the athletes themselves. And even then, it’s not about them personally–their sexuality, color, religion, creed, etc.  I’m a female, but when the games were hosted in a country that is less than equal in women’s rights (which it has been), do I use the Games to make my point about how offensive I find that to be? No.  There are better times and places to make that point.  There are many US laws that other countries find EXTREMELY morally and ethically offensive, but they were pretty supportive when we had the games. China has a pretty solid ethical argument against US companies polluting their air. Did they respond with this much vitriol? What about all the other countries who have hosted the games over the years–and let me tell you there have been some iffy locations at iffy times.  Politics has never been the point of the Olympics. This isn’t the time to focus on our differences religiously, morally, ethically, culturally, or physically.  It’s supposed to represent the fact that, whatever our backgrounds or beliefs, we do have something in common–a love of sports.  It is only once that similarity is found and developed that we can begin negotiating together to work towards greater common ground outside the Olympics. Right now,  focus on what we love about each other and the world.  As soon as the Olympics are over, then go back to changing the world.  For now, just pick your country and cheer.

And worst of all, the stupid light fixture. Oh my gosh!  WTH! Come on!  How petty can you get?!?  One poor guy/girl screwed up, and their little mistake is now international news, set up over and over and over again as the laughingstock of the world.  It was an individual’s error, and I’m sure they feel terrible.  Might even lose their job or face a lawsuit over it. It could have been you. And now you want to humiliate them in front of God and everyone?  That’s mature! And polite. And putting your best foot forwards to the world. Not!!!

Regardless of how you feel about Russia outside of the games, they’ve actually done a pretty good job so far with the Games themselves.  The opening ceremony was beautiful.  I enjoyed learning some about their history, and I actually liked the whole Russian-alphabet listing of the countries. For once, some of the “Z” countries didn’t have to wait until last! (always a fun moment if you are a Z name–I once knew a Zy. . . -named girl and she was doomed).  The games so far promise to be pretty good, and I’ll still be cheering for the USA (and Korea, China, Japan, and Ireland–every time I visit a country I adopt them as my home so I’ll cheer for them too 😛 )  Come on people, just enjoy the sports!

3 Responses to “Get Over It!”

  1. mytwangle February 8, 2014 at 1:22 pm #


  2. Harold Delk February 8, 2014 at 6:06 pm #

    I agree with you. I do not, however, care for the method NBC used to censor part of the opening ceremony speech. I watched the entire feed over on BBC and was appalled at what NBC had done.

    • deceptivelyblonde February 8, 2014 at 6:12 pm #

      Me too. I am extremely upset over America’s coverage and response to the games this year. So far most of the reactions have been petty and embarrassing. I’m not impressed; and that was one of the worst.

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