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Jumping Monkey

12 Jan

For good luck jumping extra high to get the ball!


Very True

22 Sep

Playing Dirty

16 Jul

Mud Volleyball at Mark Twain Days in Hannibal, MO 4th of July

Get Over It!

8 Feb

Okay people, I’m getting pretty tired of all the negative commentary on the Olympic games in Sochi.  I mean, come on!  For 4, 8, 12 years some of these athletes have been dreaming, and wishing, and hoping, and praying for the opportunity to join these games.  For all those years, they worked and sacrificed for this very moment.  It’s the crowning peak of their lives.  Some of them may never again reach a moment like this.  

And all anyone can talk about is a few run-down hotels, an anti-gay law, and a broken light fixture.  Seriously?

 If  you can’t suffer through some bad hotels, then you shouldn’t travel.  I’ve been to five-star hotels in the US that sucked pretty badly too.  Missing internet in Russia? Talk about filled condoms on the sheets, pubic hair in the showers, AND broken internet in the US–all in one room.  Get over it!   These things just give you stories to tell to your grandchildren.  I once slept sans pillow and blankets on the floor, washed my teeth in a sink shared with 70 other women, and lived in the same clothes three days in a row when I was supposed to have a lovely hotel room.  That’s life! Continue reading


Me at all Sporting Events

2 Feb



Jet Skiers Having Fun (2)

23 Jun

Part 2 of the Jet Skiers Video


Jet Skiers having fun

22 Jun

Went to the Han River and got the opportunity to enjoy these Jet Skiers enjoying themselves

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