Fighting Fires!

28 Mar

Now the event itself was a bad thing, but I was kind of excited to be an honorary firefighter for a day! 🙂 The ground in Illinois is so dry right now that there are warnings against fires because even the smallest thing can send a field or forest up in a blaze.  The problem is that there isn’t very much to stop a fire once it starts going, unless it hits a road or creek. With fields, you are pretty much fair game.  

Nonetheless, there have been a series of fires recently on the farms near my Aunt and Uncles (even a couple earlier on their farm).  So when my Aunt and Uncle got a call that the forest and field had caught fire right along their driveway during my visit this past weekend, we all jumped in the jeep/trucks and took off.  Thank god they have some amazing neighbors, because we were able to catch it before it got to close to the house.  Unfortunately, it had already been burning awhile and part of the field and forest were gone.

 Anyway, this was my first time helping to put out a fire, and I had the opportunity to learn some about how to put it down.  I was proud to have helped!


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