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Wisconsin Horses!

10 Jun


Fighting Fires!

28 Mar

Now the event itself was a bad thing, but I was kind of excited to be an honorary firefighter for a day! 🙂 The ground in Illinois is so dry right now that there are warnings against fires because even the smallest thing can send a field or forest up in a blaze.  The problem is that there isn’t very much to stop a fire once it starts going, unless it hits a road or creek. With fields, you are pretty much fair game.  

Nonetheless, there have been a series of fires recently on the farms near my Aunt and Uncles (even a couple earlier on their farm).  So when my Aunt and Uncle got a call that the forest and field had caught fire right along their driveway during my visit this past weekend, we all jumped in the jeep/trucks and took off.  Thank god they have some amazing neighbors, because we were able to catch it before it got to close to the house.  Unfortunately, it had already been burning awhile and part of the field and forest were gone.

 Anyway, this was my first time helping to put out a fire, and I had the opportunity to learn some about how to put it down.  I was proud to have helped!


Art I Love – Harvest Wheat

26 Feb

“Harvest Wheat” by Scott Burdick

Labor Day Ventures

17 Oct


Labor Day Labors (of Fun) aka Adventure!

I long ago promised that I would relate my wonderful, awesome adventures cross-country this past labor day weekend.  Labor Day weekend, always one of the great highlights of any college student’s life, was particularly exciting to me this year since I also had Thursday and Friday off and I was off to visit family for a BBQ.  A five day weekend, BBQ Pork Steak, Baked Potato, Grilled Veggies, and Home-made Ice Cream and Fudge Sauce–the weekend was definitely offering great potential 🙂 My Aunt and her husband were hosting the BBQ at their cabin down in Illinois; having traveled the same road dozens of times in the past, the trip can get kind of boring at times.

Now you have to understand that I wasn’t going to be alone on this trip; my mom was also going to be riding down with me. My mom and I together are pretty awesome.  We love taking the roads less traveled and heading off Continue reading

Entering Door County, Wisconsin

28 Sep
Door County

We’re Off to Door County, WI!

My mom’s birthday pretty much rocks! Not just because it’s the birthday of the most awesome person ever (Seriously, I got the best mom possible); although that’s pretty sweet. 🙂  I’m also excited because it’s vacation time!  See, my mom and her sister have birthdays one week apart (Sept. 27 and Oct. 6) and there is always one weekend in between. To celebrate, , my mom, my aunt, and I go on vacation to somewhere cool over the weekend. Continue reading

Gorgeous Day!

1 Sep

Tomorrow I’ll post about my hilarious Labor Day adventures as I set off with Rambling Roberta the Garmin set to “shortest route” on my way home.  But for now, here are a couple pics of the glorious day that was today!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Purely Iowa

31 Mar

Purely Iowa

   If you ever visit the state, you’ll find that it is uniquely different from Missouri, Illinois, or the other mid-western states.  Iowa embodies a sort of “rolling seas of grain” concept particularly in the pretty areas.  The hills stretch out as far as the eye can see, covered in farms and fields.  In the spring it all gets green and fresh; in fall, it’s golden and filled with corn and wheat stalks blocking your view (In the summer it all dies and gets kind of boringly brown 😛 ).  But in the winter. . . oh, it’s just gorgeous.  You can see forever and it all looks so open and warm.  Anyway, for a girl who has a particular fondness for Virginian mountains and North Carolina’s ocean vista, Iowa was surprisingly beautiful.  

So, since I’ll be leaving Iowa before too long, I went out looking for some photos that embodied what has become the true Iowa to me.  And I actually got some really good ones 🙂  So here is my Iowa (with a couple fun ones just thrown in)!


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