Waiting in Silence

27 Jun

Random Literary Criticism Question. . . do you know what this poem is describing?


Pounding. Pounding. Pounding.

Always ever stomping, chest drum beating

Thudding up and down, up and down.

Heart forcing its way up and out.


Racing here. There. Back. There. Again.

Never closing, always opening. Wider, Wider.

Espying, Missing. Chasing, Searching, Seeking. There!

Eyes ever seeing what remains unseen.


HELP. Help. help. Shhh.

Choking. Stopping.  Breath intangible, concrete.

Words Spilling Out in Air. Hanging. Fading. Gone.

Voice Screaming whispered cries falling from speechless lips.


Squeak. Rasp. Scritch. Scritch.  Squeak.

Louder, still muted. Rising, while Falling. Hush, Listen.

Hearing voices calling, whispering through paper walls.

Ears Grasping Sounds Illusory, Yet Deafening.


Terror. Behind. Peril! Behind. DANGER! Look! Behind!

Arms Prickling, Warning. Stomach Clenching, Beware.

Heart Racing. Eyes Widening. Voice Pleading. Ears Listening.

Yet Knowing, Mind reassuring. You are alone. In Silence.

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