Weekly Rant ~ The Value of Human Lives

28 Jun

Human lives are NOT commodities. They are not objects to be tossed aside, to be massacred, or to be played off against one another. They are not slaves, sex toys, or punching bags. These are LIVES. . . emotions, experiences, memories, passions, fire and hope and amazement. If I hear of one more senseless slaughter, one more mutilated woman, one more bullied kid, one more teen suicide, one more child abuse case, or one more sex ring news article, I think I might just sit down and weep. When will people realize how important we all are? When will they stop thinking about themselves and their self-gratification and their need for power, popularity, swag, control, and money long enough to realize what they are destroying? Where is our humanity? Sorry, but I just skimmed the news headlines. Depressing, so very depressing.

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