International Shipping

4 Aug

The question of what to move in suitcases and what to ship later has risen several times on the FB page for my new Teaching Abroad friends.  But I also remember it coming up when I was studying abroad as well, especially for students living abroad for more than a couple of weeks.  

This is what I have gathered about shipping with USPS:

USPS will allow you to send the Large and Medium Flat Rate boxes up to 20 lbs and Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate boxes up to 4 lbs (weight is the maximum; some countries have weight restrictions limiting you to a smaller allowance).   More information is available at the USPS website for International Shipping.

Services include shipment to over 180 countries.  

Flat Rate costs (to anywhere outside of Canada:

  • Envelope ~ $24.75
  • Small Box ~ $24.75
  • Medium Box ~ $61.75
  • Large Box ~ $80.50

Random Tips:

  • More information about individual countries’ restrictions are available here.
  • It’s cheaper to send 2 small boxes than 1 medium. 
  • Pack it as full as you can possibly get it (within the weight limit)
  • You can find the boxes online or at the post office.  
  • Pricing Guide available here.

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