Anti-Smog Truck!

7 Jan

Living in Henan, we are kind of in the middle of some of China’s worst pollution. If you look at the Air Pollution map, you’ll see that Zhengzhou tends to run parallel with Shanghai and Beijing for some of the most hazardous conditions for people’s health. This is due in no small part to the fact that many foreign companies have built factories in Zhengzhou, such as Apple (yes, we saw the iPhone 6 first! 😛 ) Having watched skyscrapers literally disappear feet in front of me on the really bad days, I can say that it is definitely horrible to try to be outside in.  The city looks like a ghost time about half the time because of the smoky look and the abandoned cast that it gives to all the buildings.  

So, I’m pretty excited about this news!  Some people said that our numbers actually went down so maybe this will really work 🙂 That would be completely awesome! **DB

Anti-smog Carrier Appears in Zhengzhou

by Sun Wanming via “CRI

A truck loaded with a massive aerosol gun is seen ejecting water spray at Zhengzhou, capital city of central China’s Henan province on January 5, 2015. An operator says the carrier with a capacity of 10 tons of water can eject spray particles for 75 minutes. He added that the water spray can effectively relieve the haze weather in the area by dissolving the pollution particles and dust in the air. The anti-smog tool is said to cost 800,000 yuan. [Photo:] . . .


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