Great Online Travel Tool ~ MyFax

25 Jul

Transcripts suck ~ and requesting them sucks even more.  Naturally the annoying University of Iowa charges $16 a copy–$16! Michigan State University is actually free, and UI is charging $16.  Ridiculous!

Most annoying is the fact that you have to fill out those stupid forms and send them in.  If you are a traveler like me, fax machines can be rather difficult to come by. On the other hand, it’s a little surprising how many times I’ve wished for access to a fax so I could send important, time-sensitive documents back to the states. Like Transcript requests.  :/ 

Consequently, I spent much of the morning wandering around trying to figure out how to send a fax to Universities in America when I came across this little gem– The process is simple–input your information and theirs, add notes if you need to, upload the file and send.  You do need to go to your computer and verify that you want it sent when the message arrives, but that isn’t too much trouble.  Much faster than trying to send something slow-mail from China!


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