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Teaching Award!

16 Apr


Life has been a little bit crazy recently; although I kind of feel like I am always saying that.  The university has put on a program where ever teacher goes through strict evaluation. The first round had students evaluating their teachers. The second round, each teacher visit five other teachers twice and evaluates them both times. So we are all judged 10 times. Plus, our bosses are evaluating us twice each. 

Plus, the mid-term exam for my students was re-scheduled a week earlier, right after two weeks of holidays – meaning, I suddenly went from 2 more weeks of classes to my last class overnight.

It’s all been a wee bit insane 🙂

However, one awesome thing happened this week! I was chosen as one of 76 professors to give a sample lecture in front of the Provincial experts as part of the school’s evaluation. The 76 professors were judged accordingly, and the top teachers receive a bonus. And I was chosen as one of the top 5 in my group!  

My first year, and I’ve already gotten an award!

It was really exciting! 🙂


Celebrations! I won an award :)

25 Jan


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