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Cooking Spree!

15 Oct

Um. . . Yeah. I kind of went on a cooking spree. But who can blame me?!? Woke up this morning to a cold, wet day, and so far it hasn’t improved to any great extent. Still cold, damp, and dismal.  I started with the idea of warming up the house a bit by using the oven, but ended up getting a little carried away.  So I ended up making:

  • Fried Chicken
  • Egg, Sausage, and Cheese Casserole
  • Gluten-Free Apple Pie
  • Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies (decorated)

It was just going to be the Casserole (chicken was more of a throw in for lunch thing), but then I needed to use up some apples that were starting to go bad.  Thus the Apple Pie. But I’ve kind of been in a artsy mood recently and felt the urge to decorate so I ended up making some cookies while the pie dough chilled.  😛  Anyway, here is a picture of my yummy cookies!

 What do you do on icky days like this?


Gluten Free Apple Pie

22 Nov

Gluten Free Apple Pie

What is your favorite dish?  Mine is always the apple pie, and I make a mean apple pie if I do say so myself 🙂  Unfortunately, this year I had to give up gluten, so I have been attempting to replace all my favorite thanksgiving dishes non Gluten-Free (GF) items.  So here is my new pie recipe!  See?  A blessing!  I did not have to give up any of my favorite treats this year. Continue reading

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