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Gilbert Law Summaries List

23 Apr

Hello! This is for the Law Students/Lawyers who read my stuff¬†ūüôā

I have recently discovered that I couldn’t find a good list of Gilbert Law Summaries that are available. ¬†Although most of them are available on Amazon, there are so many new, used, and duplicate names that it is hard to find out what is actually there. However, there isn’t a publisher website to locate or a list I could find elsewhere. So I put my own together!

I have listed them alphabetically here as closely as possible. ¬†There actually aren’t as many as I thought; however, some differ from Emanuel and cover up those holes. ¬†Hope this helps someone else!




Academic Tools Law Students Should Know: Commercial Study Aids

25 Aug

The others in this series are (in order):

Law School is starting, has started, or will start for all those newbie 1Ls who are arriving on the scene. On behalf of all of your seniors, I offer you welcome. To HELL. Okay, so I promise it won’t be like that forever, but the first few weeks are probably going to seem like you have entered the ninth level of Dante’s Horrors. ¬†Or perhaps they’ll start you off really light and leave you unsuspecting only to be thoroughly traumatized by greater difficulties later in the semester. ¬†So as a gift to you, I offer you a few tools that will help you on your way. ¬†They won’t take all the agony out of the process, but hopefully it will lighten your load at least a bit. ¬†I have at least 7 ready to post but I’m splitting them up for readability. The rest will come out staggered over the next few days. Good luck!

 Commercial Study Aids

You’re going to hear a lot of people talking about commercial study aids, and without an explanation they can be kind of confusing. ¬†This title is given to a wide category of study guides published and sold by the major law-publishing companies. They can be everything from outlines to exam guides to flash cards and more. ¬†Usually they are intended to help you study for exams or offer general overviews of major legal subject. ¬†They won’t be specific to your professor, but they can help you better understand the topic when your prof goes off on tangents or just doesn’t explain himself/herself well. ¬†Since there are hundreds Continue reading

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