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English Short-Hand

20 Sep


For those of you who are reading English notes from teachers or trying to understand handouts 🙂 Americans use a lot of short-hand or abbreviations. Here is what some of those symbols mean!  Although Maximum should be Max.

Gilbert Law Summaries List

23 Apr

Hello! This is for the Law Students/Lawyers who read my stuff 🙂

I have recently discovered that I couldn’t find a good list of Gilbert Law Summaries that are available.  Although most of them are available on Amazon, there are so many new, used, and duplicate names that it is hard to find out what is actually there. However, there isn’t a publisher website to locate or a list I could find elsewhere. So I put my own together!

I have listed them alphabetically here as closely as possible.  There actually aren’t as many as I thought; however, some differ from Emanuel and cover up those holes.  Hope this helps someone else!




Art I Love – Santa’s Workshop

21 Dec

“Santa’s Workshop” by Robbvision

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