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#Tuvalu and the #Round Ocean Economy

19 Apr

#Student – They (#tuvalu) are a good economy becuase the land is small and the ocean is round.

#Me — It’s the ’round’ #ocean that is the make-or-break factor here. . . Those hexagonal oceans are just worthless. Might as well not exist. 🏝️😝

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My Students ROCK!

25 May

I just absolutely love my students so much. Spent the night talking with a couple of them and had a wonderful time. The first gave me the wonderfully thought out present of a small piano music box, with a photo of my mom and me inside and a small engraving “With Love” from her. Isn’t that wonderful? She knew I loved Piano and hunted two days to buy it for me. I just adore her. ❤ The other was a wonderful young man I’m teaching now. He has traveled to all but one of the Chinese provinces with his friends and just got a passport to check out Russia. 🙂 He has a new idea about how to create green energy that sounds fascinating and I really wish him the best! His health isn’t great though (His heart is bad), so I would ask that you all pray for him. We spoke about his hopes, dreams, and how he is trying so hard to do his best for his family. A real encouragement and just inspiration for me. ❤

Oh, and did I mention that another girl brought my COOKIE DOUGH ICE CREAM!  Honest-to-God Cookie Dough Ice Cream. REAL AMERICAN ICE CREAM. Since apparently many of the Chinese are lactose intolerant, they make their ice cream from water instead of milk. Meaning it lacks the good old flavor. Now I have some actually delicious ice cream!  I am so wonderfully blessed by God. Best Job Ever!!

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