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Book Review: “Italy Travel Guide: Top 40 Beautiful Places You Can’t Miss! “

31 Mar

Italy Travel Guide:

Top 40 Beautiful Places You Can’t Miss!

by Manuel de Cortes

A handy tour guide gifted to visitors in Italy.

Manuel de Cortes’s recent book, “Italy Travel Guide: Top 40 Beautiful Places You Can’t Miss” is an resources for travelers or students interested in visiting Italy.  At 125 pages, the book is small but still contains quite a bit of useful information on locations worth checking out during your trip.

I’ve never been to Italy, so I cannot actually tell you if the places he recommends are truly the best. But I looked up some reviews and pictures of the spots, and I would definitely want to check them out if it were me. I’m planning my dream trip to Italy one day, and this book gave me some great ideas 🙂

There are seven Chapters, including the introduction and conclusion. He has divided the country into a general overview, North Italy, Central Italy, South Italy, and the Islands.  Each gets its own description and list of recommended locations.  In addition to brief descriptions, he also throws in the fun fact here and there  to spice up your trip.

The book is a little simple, and he doesn’t include directions or tell you how to reach these spots. And it’s usually recommending a larger area (this city, that pot), so specifics like where to find dinner or shop aren’t here.  That will be up to you. But it is a good place to find ideas if you want to get a good look at all the different areas in the country.

Writing style: Pretty good. Some of the writing could have been edited better, but I feel that with a decent editor it would read like a professional.  Mr. Cortes has written several other books, and is obviously familiar with the writing process.  The book is self-published, and you can tell in some places. But overall, I really liked the flow and all the information he includes. A lot of people seem to have really appreciated his use of pictures – he has one for almost all of the major locations. It certainly helps you find them on the streets. 

If you are planning a trip to Italy, I recommend checking his book out.  You can find it on Amazon as a cheap E-book ($2.99) so you can carry it with you as you tour 🙂


Sightsmap – 2013 Most Photographed Locations

9 Jan
Most of you probably have already heard of this, but I think it’s rather cool!  When Instagram published their “Top Locations on Instagram in 2013,” many were surprised that a Thai mall found its way into first place.  Even higher than Times Square which was knocked squarely into second place.  It was only natural that people would then beginning wondering what other surprising locations would have made their way onto a longer list, and of course, where their favorite places would rank.  
So Google stepped in and has released their new “Sightsmap” program, based somewhat apparently on their “Google Map” system.  They have taken all photos tagged with geographic locations and combined them on a searchable world mapping system. So while it doesn’t take into account all photos taken, it does consider by far the vast majority.  And the result is the Sightsmap, a huge mapped system that uses a color-coding system to show which locations in the world have been photographed most.  The brighter/hotter the color shown, the more photographed the place is.

Check out the world:


The United States:





Even my Hometown of North Liberty, IA!

If you want to see where your hometown falls on the map, check it out at www.sightsmap.com!


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