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New 2016 US News Law School Rankings are out!

10 Mar

US News has published their list of the best law schools for 2016!  Check how your school ranked!  To be honest, the top 20 or so are pretty consistent as all the other years.  My school (Univ. of Iowa) moved up though – 22!  Woot!

Top 10 ranks in order are:

  1. Yale University
  2. Harvard tied with Stanford
  3. Columbia University tied with Univ. of Chicago
  4. New York Univ.
  5. Univ. of Pennsylvania
  6. Duke University
  7. University of CA-Berkley tied with Univ. of Virginia
  8. Univ. of Michigan – Ann Arbor
  9. Northwestern University
  10. Cornell University

Do you agree or disagree with the rankings?

2015 Law School Rankings

11 Mar

The Rankings are out! 

US News & World Report has released it’s official list of the US Law Schools ranked in order.  . . Iowa made it out at #27 — a few spots lower than when I entered.  In-State Tuition is $28,047; while Out-Of-State tuition is $49,025.  There are currently 411 students at the school–I was one of those 411!  😛 I made it into a statistic.

All I care about though is that we made it out on top of Fordham.  I studied over the summer with those students, and got a ton of sh** about how “UIowa” was just less than and that I would never be able to work outside of the Mid-West.  Honest to God, one girl looked at me snidely in front of our internship boss (Samsung Head of Department) at a fish dinner and comments, “Well, you’re from like Iowa. . . . I mean, you probably don’t know what a lobster is.  You all eat like raccoon, right?  Lobster is this kind of fish from the sea.”  I kid you not. . . . I just about smacked her.   Anyway, YAY! we beat them in the rankings!



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