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“#RealTravel: An Accidental Pilgrimage to Italy Put Life Into Perspective”

25 May

“#RealTravel: An Accidental Pilgrimage to Italy Put Life Into Perspective”

by Lorraine Chine via “Yahoo

Who: Lorraine Chin, 44, a public health educator in NYC. I decided to live the dream as a single, free-spirited woman—with a solo trip to Italy.

Where: I visited eight cities in Italy: Rome, Assisi, Florence, Venice, Padua, Verona, Milan, and Como. 

Why: I had traveled prior to Paris, Scotland, Madrid, England—but as a crazy kid studying abroad. I knew seven days in northern Italy sightseeing, shopping, and eating fine cuisine was just what the doctor ordered.


The village of Assisi—one of the stops on Lorraine Chin’s life-changing trip to Italy. (Photo: Xavier / Flickr)

How I Changed After: I was working on Riker’s Island at the time and when I came back all-of-a-sudden I had an OMG moment and my eyes were open: I’m working in a jail. I started questioning how similar and different I was from the inmates I was serving. Could I be one paycheck away from being homeless? One condom away from having HIV/AIDS? I don’t take anything for granted anymore—there’s bigger purpose, bigger reason to life. It prompted me to get my real estate license and also work as a paralegal for a time. To make my life full and open. Continue reading

Icy Winter Star Trails

24 Feb

Check out Yahoo!’s cool pics of time-lapsed photos of star paths in the winter sky.  Stunning visuals!

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