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Hello from Shanghai!

21 Jan


Landmark towers


Hidden entrance to the Xujiahui station of the Metro.



I love the statues on that building



Tried hard, but couldn’t make it 🙂


Icy Winter Star Trails

24 Feb

Check out Yahoo!’s cool pics of time-lapsed photos of star paths in the winter sky.  Stunning visuals!

A Day with the Panda

15 Aug

This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to see a real live Panda bear at the Tianjin Zoo!  This has long been a dream of mine (although don’t worry darling polar bears–I have enough room in my heart still for you) and I was glad to meet up with some friends who were as excited about panda searching as I was.  Luckily we made it just in time that day to see him eating some Bamboo (which was perfect. . . I mean it’s kind of like eating Belgium chocolates in Belgium or seeing an Arabian stallion in Arabia; seeing a bamboo-eating panda is kind of a prerequisite for visiting China) and then lazing about in the unbearable heat (see what I did there?) 😛  Cool huh?!?

Traveler’s Lodestone

13 Apr

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Hello one and all! I am proud to announce that I have officially co-authored a series of three books.

We drew on the idea that people frequently working with different foreign languages (whether talking to ESL speakers at home or when traveling abroad) need some kind of universal guide.

Since I work with a lot of people who don’t necessary speak English (or at least not terribly well), I have frequently found myself needing a quick translator. While I’ve spent time studying Spanish, Arabic, etc., I’m not fluent in every language that’s out there.  And no one else is either.  So these books are meant to carry you through those times.  The times when you are headed to France (where you can know the language), but you have to buy batteries in Germany on the way.  Or where you meet up with that nice Vietnamese mother at the office and you want to ask her for her phone number.  Or where you know some basic elements of the language, but it isn’t enough to spend an entire summer living there on.

Since you don’t have the words available, these books allow you to use the power of the picture! If you need the train station, just go to the picture and point to the train. Or, if your son is allergic to pork, but they are offering you Hotdogs, go to that section of th,e book.  Perhaps you need a car seat for your baby in that rental car?–go to the picture.

So as to keep the book manageable, we ended up splitting it into 3 sections.  Volume 1: Go, See, Do covers the things you need to get you where you want to go: Travel Documentation, Means of Transportation, Hotel words, Restaurant words, Bathroom words, etc.  Volume 2: Needs Must covers the things you will have to have for critical information: Emergency terms (hospital, police station, blood), General Commonalities (colors, weather, numbers), Medical Information, People (baby, student, etc.).  Volume 3: Finishing Touches offers the things that you need to make your trip perfect: Recreation, Shopping (grocery, jewelry, clothing, office store), etc.

You can find out more on the book’s Facebook page here. Please pass it on! We’d really appreciate the encouragement!

The Head of Aristotle

6 Dec

Wow!  Check out this article about the sale of a Raphael piece of art.

This charcoal drawing, known as the “Head of an Apostle” and drawn by the famous artist Raphaello Sanzio da Urbino, has been part of the Duke of Devonshire’s Chatsworth House’s private collection since the 1700s.  Who wouldn’t want to own a Raphael?

Raphael’s drawings and paintings are amazing works of art. The detail, precision, and naturality of the pictures are always amazing to behold. He also created the famous School of Athens.  That work also depicted Aristotle, along with dozens of other famous philosophers. He styled the philosophers bodies in such a way that they are easily recognizable, a fact that demonstrates the power behind his abilities to communicate through his art.

What an amazing buy!  Great shopping success story 🙂


Some Awesome Waves

28 Nov

Some Awesome Waves

These pictures are amazing; what a fascinating sight!  Wish I could visit, bet there are some awesome things to see there 🙂

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