Facebook Changes

29 Mar

Your Facebook is changing again. . . 

They officially changed mine over today, I’m still deciding if I like it.   There are a couple of new significant changes.

Timeline/Profile Changes

  • Posts/updates/events/etc. are now all on the right of your timeline.  
  • On the left you have your “about you” information–“About” box, Friends, Photos, Places, Music, Movies, Tv, Books, Games, Likes, Notes, Pinterest, Recent Activity (Automatically in that order on mine). 
  • Remember that bar at the top that used to have boxes for your friends/likes/photos, etc.?  Well that’s all gone.  You now have a text menu that reads and links to “Timeline,” “About,” “Friends,” “Photos,” and “More.”  If you hold your mouse over “More” you get all the rest of those sections available on the left of your timeline, except it opens them in new pages.  
  • “ABOUT”–Supposedly the “about” page is new, but I think it’s pretty much the same as your old “Information” page.  It has all the information about yourself (i.e. where you’ve worked, where you’ve lived) and adds on your music, movies, likes, friends, shared pinterest pins, etc.  


  • So you have two sets of information now—Your posts and the usual timeline stuff and all the other “About you and your interests” information.  Most of the changes deal with where all of this is arranged on the pages.
    • Posts/Timeline usuals–> on the right side of your timeline, accessible by clicking your profile or the “Timeline” button on the text menu at the top of your profile pages.
    • All the Personal Information–> on the left side of your timeline, accessible individually by clicking through the buttons on the text menu at the top of your profile pages or all on one page by clicking “About” on the same text menu.
      • You can get rid of these by clicking the little pencil that appears when you hold your mouse over the boxes.  Click the pencil and check “Hide section.”  This will remove it from the left side of your timeline.

My Opinion (for those who care 🙂

  • Pros:
    • I like that I can easily get to notes again.
    • I like the app for showing Pinterest pins
    • I like not having those few empty boxes up on the top of my profile page
    • Your timeline is clearly chronological again, so no worries about trying to figure out what was posted when.
    • The about page is kind of more useful now if anyone is so inclined to actually learn more about you by researching your likes/interests/old job positions.  
  • Cons:
    • Not sure that I like having all my likes/movies/books running down the left side of my page.  Most people don’t care to read all that stuff and it makes going through your timeline a little more time consuming.  
    • I think they could have organized the left side a little better.  I’d want my notes way up higher and my tv/movies lower.  

What’s your opinion?

3 Responses to “Facebook Changes”

  1. mandy March 30, 2013 at 2:15 pm #

    I don’t like it because it’s an unnecessary change and seems like FB employees are just making work for themselves. Most annoying is their text boxes cover up the cover picture!! Who needs that?!? I can’t easily see my books, movies, and shows listed but I see lots of suggestions, also annoying.

    I think we’ve lost the “highlight” function that allows us to make the picture larger…? It’s all very, very annoying. (Also, oddly, my FB has the new look on my laptop and the old look on my PC. WTF is that about?)

    Whatever changes they make, there should be a choice for us to go with them or stay as we like it, and it’s that paternalistic attitude, and our loss of control, that has turned me off to FB and looking forward to the new platform which cannot come fast enough. Thanks for letting me rant!

    • deceptivelyblonde March 30, 2013 at 11:02 pm #

      Yeah, I wish they would let us choose whether or not to go with the changes. I still miss the old facebook from before we got the new timeline set-up. I just really dislike the whole showing all the movies/tv/likes stuff down the left side. I don’t ever look at that part and no one else cares. It just clutters everything up. I liked it when it was just your posts in a row and the links to all that extra stuff. 😦 I kind of wish there was a good alternative to Facebook, oh well. Maybe they’ll come up with a different forum soon.

      Although the highlight button still works for me, you just have to click the Star symbol in the upper-right corner. Hope that helps. Also, it’s sccrewed up on my two computers too. My desktop has the old layout, but my laptop has the new one. Wonder when they’ll unify it all


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